Xertion IRC - Network Staff

Xertion is currently operated by a very talented and diverse set of people. They are appointed only as needed by either a Root Administrator or Network Owner - there is no "applying" to be staff.

Network Ownership

The network ownership oversees all of Xertion's core network operations. They are the highest level of authority governing the network, guiding its policies and managing its staff.
Current network owners are:

  • Kaishiro - co-founder
  • Sakura`Kinomoto - co-founder

Root Administrators

Root administrators assist network ownership in core network operations. They can appoint new opers (when approved by leadership) and work with server owners assisting in management of their servers where needed. They may also carry additional responsibilities as determined by ownership.
Current root administrators are:

  • Nekone
    • Infrastructure Lead
    • Dev Team Lead
    • Nickname aliases: Bronya, Karyl, BDRyan
  • Valdearg

Server Administrators

Server administrators are primarily responsible for the administration of any server they have linked to Xertion. They may also be called upon by one of the root administrators or leadership for additional tasks.
Current server administrators are:

  • Koby
  • iCurse
  • lonewolf

Network Operators

Network operators mostly deal with the user experience on the network, acting as the liaison between the network administration teams and the various communities that call Xertion home. They are able to perform basic network tasks and policy enforcement, and can escalate to a Server Administrator or Root Administrator for tasks they are not able to do themselves.
Current network operators are:

  • Ravager
  • Kaugustino
  • maverick_hunter_17
  • Javi
    • Spanish support

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