Xertion IRC - Network Overview

Getting online

Web Client (No download required)

Network: irc.xertion.org

Port: 6667

Advanced Details:

All Ports: 6660-6669, 7000

SSL Ports: 6697, 9998-9999

IPv6: irc6.xertion.org


Xertion Wiki - Network specific and general IRC wiki


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xertion world network

World map of Xertion Network iris.xertion.org is online zelos.xertion.org is offline rena.xertion.org is online blair.xertion.org is offline seraphim.xertion.org is offline overdrive.xertion.org is online hyperion.xertion.org is offline hoshino.xertion.org is offline

3/8 client servers are online.

About Us

Xertion is an IRC (Internet Relay Chat) Network hosted and run by a team of dedicated staff who work to ensure to keep our network at a constantly high uptime. We welcome users from all over the world to come and join us.


Xertion was established February 2011 and is still an active IRC network. More about us

Administrative Contact

Email: admin@xertion.org