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Quote #617 (eifef0j) @ 04/21/2016 03:38

<~Koby> !loli
<@Aerith> Koby does not receives any lolis today.
<~Koby> FU Aerith
<~Koby> !pantsu
<@Aerith> Koby does not receive any pantsu today.
<~Koby> FU x2 Aerith
<~Koby> !cookies
<@Aerith> Koby does not receive any cookies today.
<~Koby> WTF god dammit
<~Koby> !sw
<@Aerith> Koby is worth $70.04 today.
<@Aerith> Koby's accumulated worth to date is $26030.09
<deanzel> hahaha
<~Koby> Aerith hates me today. :(
<deanzel> never seen that
<+NukuServ> now cry... CRY like you've never cried...... before
<~Koby> no loli, no pantsu, no cookies
<deanzel> at least not all negatives
<~Koby> Well I'm not buying any lottery tickets

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