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Quote #613 (1970eed) @ 12/04/2015 15:52

<+Ieuan> Can someone tell me exFAT vs NTFS or do I have to google it?
<sidspyker> if you can go with NTFS just do that
<sidspyker> exFAT is really.... obscure
<&Kaishiro> exFAT is what Xbox, 360, and One use. :/
<+Ieuan> Oh so that's why it's so hard to use a normal drive on xbox
<Sylph> exFAT is basically like FAT++
<Sylph> it doesn´t have the 4GB limit or whatever
<sidspyker> and only fat people use it
<+Ieuan> Your mom is so FAT
<+Ieuan> Someone else finish the joke for me please
<sidspyker> Ieuan your mom is so FAR she can only take 4 at once
<sidspyker> FAT
<sidspyker> DAMN
<sidspyker> RUINED IT
<&Kaishiro> Your mom is so FAT that that you have to use fdick to split her partition
<+Ieuan> Ooohhhh
<sidspyker> LOL
<+Ieuan> That one was better

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