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Quote #611 (3k9gl0l) @ 07/06/2015 20:59

<~Sakura`Kinomoto> how often do i care to update myself on shit i dont do ?
<~Kaishiro> how often do I care about the shit you do or don't do?
<~Sakura`Kinomoto> not since i shattered your care cup 9 years ago ?
<~Kaishiro> 9??
<~Kaishiro> it aint been that long
<~Sakura`Kinomoto> i am an old man, time is passing by like dust in the wind and my farts :(
<~Sakura`Kinomoto> said it before anyone else cound!
<~Kaishiro> man we ain't playing bingo, you don't get prizes for shouting things before others.

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