Xertion IRC - Immortal-Anime NOTICE

A message to all Immortal-Anime users...

First off, welcome to Xertion! As you recently are aware, the Immortal-Anime IRC network merged with Xertion as of 15-Mar 2020. This process resulted in the merging of two of Immortal-Anime's servers and incorporating a few key staff members into our ranks - Kaugustino, maverick_hunter_17, lonewolf, and Javi.

Unfortunately, we were not able to merge Immortal-Anime's services database into our own. This means if you are an Immortal-Anime user you will need to reregister with NickServ, as well as re-register any channels you had with ChanServ afterwards. This also created an incompatibility with older clients using secure (SSL) ports, most notably mIRC version 6.x, because we use heightened security settings on our SSL ports. If you use an older client and find yourself unable to connect to an SSL port on Xertion, please upgrade your client as this is likely the problem.

If you need any help navigating Xertion's services functions or network features, the Xertion Wiki contains a wealth of information on a multitude of topics. You may also summon in-line help on IRC by typing /helpop, and look up any specific topic there by specificying /helpop (help topic) replacing 'help topic' with the corresponding topic you want to look up information on.

Again, on behalf of all the staff here on Xertion, welcome to the network and we sincerely hope you enjoy your stay!

Root Administrator, Xertion IRC Network

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