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Quote #621 (a17bdld) @ 05/04/2020 00:03

<~Kaishiro> do you ever fart and it sounds like a trumpet player?
<~Sakura`Kinomoto> nope
<~Kaishiro> cause I just did, and it was marvelous
<~Kaishiro> my kids ran out of the room
<~Kaishiro> XD
<~Sakura`Kinomoto> did it peal paint off the wall?
<~Kaishiro> peel, and no. but it was one of those burrrrrrrrrrmmpp
<@Ravager> did you ever have a fart that lasted 5 seconds?
<~Kaishiro> yeah
<~Sakura`Kinomoto> him? prob 10 seconds
<~Kaishiro> fuck you
<~Kaishiro> no
<~Kaishiro> never had one like that
<@Ravager> kaishiro's asshole orchestra
<~Kaishiro> but this one I think I could've been in a choir.
<~Kaishiro> HAHA
<~Kaishiro> great minds and all
<@Ravager> inb4 you fart out "FLIGHT OF THE VALKYRIE"
<~Kaishiro> but it was just funny, cause I've not done one like that in awhile but it was so awesome it scared the kids into another room and has given me a few moments peace
<~Kaishiro> XD
<~Sakura`Kinomoto> Kaishiro and the flatulence orchestra

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