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Quote #610 (9kje671) @ 03/26/2015 13:14

<Vicarious> you should've waited for Haythamfangirl instead
<Vicarious> I know the day isn't over yet, but still..
<BlaiddDdraig> When's the last time she came on? I was really hoping I shooed her away last time.
<Sima> yesterday
<BlaiddDdraig> I'll have to have another word with her.
<Sima> she comes on about every day to tell us that another one of the main AC voice actors replied to her via Twitter or retweeted her
<BlaiddDdraig> 13 year old girls do not belong here.
<Sima> Yesterday I politely tried to tell her that nobody cares
<Sima> next time I will just be rude
<BlaiddDdraig> They'd be safer in Sima's basement.
<Sima> I stocked up plenty of Haribo to lure them in.
<BlaiddDdraig> And Sima's basement is not a safe place to be.
<Sima> And if that doesn't do the trick they will always go for a Chupa-Chup.
<BlaiddDdraig> That what you call it now, the Chupa-Chup?
<Vicarious> lol
<Sima> Yes.
<BlaiddDdraig> See? He's sick, he shouldn't be allowed near kids.
<Sima> Chupa Chups
<BlaiddDdraig> They call him "el Dutch predator"
<BlaiddDdraig> Which means the Dutch predator in English.
<Sima> lol
<BlaiddDdraig> Nevertheless, that girl would still be safer in his basement, than online here with us.

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