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Quote #609 (h8ej471) @ 02/17/2015 08:37

<~Sakura`Kinomoto> :( White_Wolf
<+White_Wolf> wat
<~Sakura`Kinomoto> brother is gonna have a better desktop then me
<+White_Wolf> ok
<+White_Wolf> so?
<~Sakura`Kinomoto> epeen status!
<+White_Wolf> sooo?
<~Sakura`Kinomoto> :(((
<+White_Wolf> your epeen dont help anything, small dicks irl can not be fixed with epeen, no chicks just gona say HEY, LET ME LOOK AT DAT EPEEN
<~Sakura`Kinomoto> lol
<~Sakura`Kinomoto> my cock is of good size
<+White_Wolf> pics or it didnt happen
<~Sakura`Kinomoto> i will send later..... maybe
<+White_Wolf> XD

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