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Quote #600 (cf25b9d) @ 03/04/2014 08:06

<@Kaishiro> Every day my ass lol
<@Ryan> I was going to make a smart ass comment there but he'd probably bash my head in for it so...
<@White_Wolf> Ryan here is one from Canada
<@Kaishiro> Ryan: go for it.
<@Ryan> No, I'd like my sanity thank you
<@Kaishiro> BLAME CANADA!
<@Ravager> aaaaaand cue south park
<@Kaishiro> Ryan: I couldn't bash your head in.
<@Kaishiro> lol
<@Ravager> speaking of which
<@Ravager> the stick of truth
<@Ravager> O__O
<@Ryan> I think he sees enough of your ass as it is Kaishiro
* @Ryan runs
<@Kaishiro> Sword of 1000 Truths
<@Kaishiro> My ass does take up 4 zip codes
<@Kaishiro> I'm sure he does
<@White_Wolf> lol
<@Kaishiro> He only lives like a city or two form me
<@Ryan> Thought it was more like 6
<@Kaishiro> It probably is. I haven't stepped on a scale in awhile.
<@Kaishiro> They don't have a forklift to hold the weight
<@Ryan> Wow. Way to brush it off. I like that.
<@Kaishiro> The doctors have to special order a crane, but it's on back order so
<@Ravager> your ass alone needs a scale
<@Kaishiro> Ravager: shit nigga
<@Kaishiro> my left ass cheek alone needs its own scale
<@Ryan> You know, honestly, why people seem to think - = _
<@Kaishiro> « WinAmp <> Weird Al Yankovic - I'm Fat <> 00:02/03:37 [**********] <> 320kb/s @ 44KHz <> 1/1 »
<@Kaishiro> My theme song
<@Ravager> goddammit
<@Ravager> you brought that music video back to my brain
<@Ryan> Ok
<@Kaishiro> Ravager: Haha.
<@Ravager> goddamn weird al in a fat suit..
<@White_Wolf> lol
<@Ravager> and the only time i saw that was on MTV.. WHAT THE FUCK
<@Kaishiro> when I'm going to the movies, I take up seven rows because I'm fat, I'm fat (really, really fat)
<@Ravager> over a decade ago
<@Kaishiro> dude, more like two decades.
<@Ravager> yeah, i was just about to bring that up
<@Ravager> derp

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