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Quote #596 (617llma) @ 01/01/2014 09:53

<&Sakura`Kinomoto> yay still bored as hell in 2014
<&Kaishiro> Sakura`Kinomoto: shut up.
<&Kaishiro> Go outside, fly a kite, jump in a pool, play with kittens, or do some productive work.
<&Sakura`Kinomoto> thought shit was gonna be different
<&Kaishiro> Dude, it's only been 2h45m
<&Sakura`Kinomoto> no, its only been 41 mins
<dremler> Its been 14 hrs and 12 min
<&Sakura`Kinomoto> for you future boy
<&Sakura`Kinomoto> i am stuck in the past :(
<Serenity> Who isn't?
<&Sakura`Kinomoto> you
<&Sakura`Kinomoto> you are in my future
<Serenity> ......
<&Sakura`Kinomoto> ....
<&Sakura`Kinomoto> not that way
<&Sakura`Kinomoto> .......
<dremler> Srsly ...
<&Sakura`Kinomoto> god
<dremler> Was that a pick up line
<dremler> Sakura`Kinomoto making a move
<Serenity> -___-'
<&Kaishiro> Serenity's all like "Bitch, swerve!"
* &Sakura`Kinomoto crawls under a rock to hide for a year

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