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Quote #144 (c915k44) @ 11/17/2012 23:54

* HugCar ( has joined #ACWiki
* Animus gives voice to HugCar
<Toppers> aaaa ring a ding diiing
<Toppers> it's Senor Hug de Car
<Toppers> ooh-hoo
<HugCar> Tis I.
<Toppers> Tis.
<HugCar> Be happy, be enlightened.
* Toppers is both happy and enlightened.
* HugCar pats Toppers gently on the head.
* Toppers headbutts HugCar.
<Toppers> Too far, de Car.
<Toppers> Too far.
<Teller> Greetings de Car.
* Toppers dusts his hands off.
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