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Quote #149 (1gm6f47) @ 12/16/2012 05:07

* ChrizC jumps out from behind a bush
* Slate kicks ChrizC back into the bush.
<ChrizC> ):
* Topps kicks Slate into his uncle's bush
* Stormbeast steals the bush.
<Topps> ew you stole Slate's uncle's bush
<Topps> ew
<Topps> ew
<Topps> ew
<Stormbeast> A shrub, you knob-end.
<Topps> It's big enough to be a shrub, Storm. So Slate tells me
<Stormbeast> plant.
<Topps> Slate also tells me his uncle is the Joker
<Stormbeast> That's white skin Topps.
<Topps> Green hair
<Topps> I'm talking about his bush
<Topps> as in, you know
<Topps> his dick hair
<Stormbeast> Oh just stop.
<Topps> :>
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