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Quote #71 (9icgbc) @ 12/03/2011 08:48

[Note: #ACWiki]
<& BlaiddDdraig> You know what we need?
<& BlaiddDdraig> Either an argument, or a discussion of the pros and cons in ACR
<& BlaiddDdraig> That'll leave the other channels in the dust
<& Kaishiro> You know what we need?
<& Kaishiro> Either an argument, or discussion on whether or not BlaiddDdraig is gay
<& Kaishiro> and that's why he doesn't have a girlfriend
<& BlaiddDdraig> Less of me? XD
<& Kaishiro> The girls do get less of you.
<& Kaishiro> XD
<& BlaiddDdraig> You're a bad person
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